Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm kind of caught up . . .

on homework right now so I thought I'd update quickly even though there really isn't much to say.

Its been cooling down lately, which is WONDERFUL. I hate the heat (I know, I know, why am I in Hawaii? - I don't know any better then you do!) Anyways, I wore a long sleeve shirt today, and while I wasn’t exactly shivering, I wasn't hot either.

I got my English midterm back. I got an "A" of course. I've been getting really good grades. I'm pretty sure that if I don't get a 4.0 it's going to be math's fault. I try really hard in that class (I actually read the text; how weird is that? - Nobody does that). Still waiting on history though, but I think even though I might not have done fantastically on the midterm (I know I didn't get higher than a "B"), my paper should even it out and I'll get an "A" for the semester.

I'm still enjoying my job. I'm left by myself a lot though which can be frustrating because they still really haven't had time to teach me much, so I feel kind of lost and like I'm getting paid to do nothing.

I talked to Lindsey for a long time on Saturday which was exciting. She almost has me convinced to apply for BYU in Provo. I'd be in the snow instead of "on" the beach (I've only actually been to the beach once but you know what I mean). It's much cheaper to fly from PDX to SLC then from HNL to PDX. And of course, the clincher- I could have a guide dog puppy in Utah! Take my advice- if you are addicted to puppy raising, don't leave the eight western states, and certainly don't go to school on an island. You'll be disappointed.

Okay, gotta go. Bishopric family home evening tonight. We're having Pizza Hut. You kind of have to be here to understand how exciting that is. This might help though- I've only eaten off campus twice since I've been here. Do you get it now?

More later...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm so tired...

Ah, college life. I'm exhausted all the time and it's a vicious never ending cycle. It feels like life will never be normal again.

I never update here because there really isn't anything to say. Midterms have been the past couple of weeks (it seems that none of the teachers really agree when midterms are, so I had one two weeks ago, three last week, and one this week). I'm still waiting to hear on my English and History midterms since they were, in large part, not multiple choice (no scantron, no instant score!). Hopefully, I'll get those back today. I did fine on the rest of my tests. Okay, I did well, on the rest of my tests. All "As," even though I was kind of disappointed with my low "A" in psychology.

I got a job two (?) weeks ago. I'm working in the President's office for Brother Kongaika and Brother Bliss. I really enjoy the job but it's very fast paced which makes it kind of difficult to ask questions when I have them- I feel like I'm interrupting something really important. November 6 is President Wheelwright's inauguration. I'm working at it (for work, I mean, not just because I want to- which I do want to- what I mean is that a lot of people are volunteering at it, but my boss asked me to do it for work) and I'm excited because President Hinckley will be here and I'm hoping I'll get to meet him.

I registered for next semester last week. I'm taking Psych 204 (Statistics- "GAG!"), Education of Exceptional Students, Fundamentals of Sign (I need to brush up on my ASL), Book of Mormon II, Cultural Psychology, and Inter-Cultural Communications. Exciting!

This last week Val was here visiting and I went to PCC with her. That was a lot of fun. There are a lot of activities here all the time for students but I'm kind of lame and I tend to skip them in favor of doing homework and studying. I'm paying way to much to be here to settle for anything less than a 4.0. So, in exchange I don't have a life. I don't even go shopping. I order everything online or ask my mom to go to Walmart and then send it to me (those flat rate boxes are very cost effective).

Anywho, I better get going . History starts in a few minutes and I want to know how I did on my test.