Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good Grief! Why Do I Even Have a Blog?

Its only been two months since I've posted, after all.

I have just been busier than I could have imagined, that's all.

At the beginning of August (somewhere around there anyways) I was hired as a teacher in the Davis, Utah School District. Being a first year teacher is (probably) always nerve-wracking. It's even more nerve-wracking when you're still in school and you haven't done your student teaching yet. Yep-that's right- I am handling a full caseload of students and I don't student teach until next semester! I *think* I'm doing a decent job but I have oh so much to learn. And all I do all day every day, between work and school is dream, breath, and eat special education.

I am a little overwhelmed with classes too, taking far more than what is considered full time for a graduate student so I've got a lot going on there. Plus I'm trying to move.

But I'm so happy- I love what I'm doing. Teaching is an intensive labor but is so, so rewarding. I found this in one of my text books and loved it: "One thing becomes clear enough. Teaching as the direct delivery of some preplanned curriculum, teaching as the orderly and scripted conveyance of information, teaching as clerking, is simply a myth. Teaching is much larger and much more alive than that; it contains more pain and conflict, more joy and intelligence, more uncertainty and ambiguity. It requires more judgment and energy and intensity than, on some days, seems humanly possible. Teaching is spectacularly unlimited." W. Ayers

Erie's great too. She's done two dog shows since I last blogged and won a major (3 points) at one of them- a big deal. She also got two Junior Hunter passes at a Hunt Test.

In this photo she's being expertly handled by professional Jean Gauchat-Hargis who do an absolutely wonderful job handling her.

And that's kind all my life has been lately: work, school, dog, repeat. I'm looking forward to life after graduation.