Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pluggin' Away

I'm trying to update even when I don't really have much to write about, just so I can be good about my "online journaling."

I am extremely busy with school, what with 20 credits, a 10 hour/week internship and a 14 hour/week student job (I should be working 19 hours/week but I just don’t have time). The good news is that I truly like all my classes, which is a rare thing to be able to say. I am enjoying all of them. My multivariate stats class along with my internship is keeping me pretty busy though. My schedule is crazy. I literally don’t have a spare moment during business hours of the day. When I was applying for graduation recently, it was tricky to find the time to go get all the signatures I needed and pay for my cap and gown before turning the form in since all those places are closed after I’m done with everything for the day.
My internship in the Student Development Center is fun. I enjoy meeting with students and the people there are just plain fun to work with. My computer is great. It is such a relief to not have to stress over going to the library or not being able to do work when the library is closed.
I’m doing pretty well on my new year’s goals except one. Betcha you can guess which.
I’m pretty sure I’m going back to camp this summer. Nothing is definite until I buy the plane ticket, but I should be. It’s a tough choice because I really, really want to but I don’t want to store all my stuff over the summer. I’ve got so much of it and I just don’t know where it could go.
Anyhow, I’m posting some random pictures too, some from Christmas break, Galvin from a long time ago, and my computer.

Jacoba sitting funny, last May.
Galvin sometime last April-June.
Cami is so stinkin' cute!!! Last June-ish.

Cami this last Christmas morning.


Computer again.