Friday, May 2, 2008

Going ons

I'm home from school now. And I wish I wasn't. It only takes about two days for my family to drive me crazy!!!

I'm trying to get a job but it’s a little challenging because I'll only be here for six weeks or so before I head off to Camp Bloomfield again. So, I'm spending my time planning arts and crafts activities for camp and hoping that I'll get a guide pup to take. I'm also spending a lot of time taking care of my dogs (bathing, cleaning ears, brushing teeth, etc. and I bought a furminator). Jacoba drives me crazy. I'm taking her back to GDB. Speaking of which, I think I might go to the graduation tomorrow and to the Portland Temple while I'm there. It's kind of weird being three hours away when at school I'm only a five minute walk from the Laie Temple.

I went to a GDB meeting on Monday at the Redmond airport. No one was there. So I called the leader. She forgot to tell me it was canceled. Sad.

So, mostly I'm just kind of bored a lot. I'm really hoping someone will decide to hire me. But if not, I got some information for my family history and will start working on that soon.

Hope everyone is well!

P.S.- I'm not really getting rid of Jacoba. She's my girly. And my Mom would kill me. She loves that dog. I think she's annoying though.