Saturday, December 29, 2007


He was my near perfect puppy-sittee this past week (he went home this morning). He was so good. Kind of funny story though- he was started in my old puppy club in Roseburg. He arrived there in May (while I was moving from Albuquerque to Bend- how confusing this must be to those who don't know me) and then was transferred to Bend recently, where I live now. Kind of a coincidence.
Just for good measure, I added pictures of Cami and Jacoba too.




Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's hard to do my homework . . .

When the power is out. It went out sometime about 3 am this morning (there was a really bad storm) and they didn't get it working again until about 4:15 this afternoon!!!

They canceled classes (not until after my first one though- it's held in one of the three building s on campus with a generator) Most people went to town or to the beach. The smart people who are concerned about the fact that there are only two more days of classes stayed on campus doing what we could (which really isn't much). My roommate and I turned on our lights so we would know when the power came back on so we could go to the library.

So here I am working on papers, and the power has gone out a couple of times while I've been here! I've never been so "save" happy in my life.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Puppy Club

My mom went to her first puppy club meeting in years today! I'm excited because if she get's a puppy, guess who gets puppy time when I'm home at breaks?!?!!! Oh, right ME!!!!

Anyways, I go home in less than two weeks and there is a meeting in Bend the day I get there, so I'm excited about that.

Busy, busy with finals and everything. Life is going pretty well right now. I'll let you know how I feel Thursday night (the day before everything is due).

This post is green, not in honor of Christmas, but for guide dog puppy coats.