Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I LOVE This Time of Year

Fall is fantastic, isn't it? I love the cooler weather and the rain. It's so homey. There is nothing more perfect this time of year than curling up in bed with hot cocoa and a good book- my current choice being Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as I'm getting ready for the movie release next month. Don't worry that I just finished it yesterday morning and started it again last night. I love the Christmas Season so much that it's hard to exactly put words to it, and Fall is the beginning of that special time of year, so there is just something special about it too.

So, what have I been up to? Well that question has a many faceted answer and none of them are particularly interesting and there are no pictures to go along with it. Lame, I know!

- I moved to Utah at the end of August. (Actually I do have one picture of this- Erie sitting in the car when I left at 5 am, but it's too much work to load just one picture).
- Started graduate school.
- Stayed with Erie's breeder. Erie was in doggie heaven with all the playtime.
- Drove back to Sacramento to pick up Cami.
- Moved into a new house.
- Showed Erie in the Farmington show. She won her class both days, but nothing else.
- Went to the Relief Society session of conference at the conference center.
- Did some homework.
- Observed some students and did some assessments. Knew I made the right choice as far as what I wanted to do and what to study.
- Tried to do some braille homework and cried because I made the wrong choice about what to study :)
- Loved on Cami. She's still hanging in there.
- Looked (am looking) for a new place to live.
- Showed Erie in the show in Carson City, Nevada. On Saturday she took Reserve to the Major (who happened to be her younger half-sister Selkie) but on Sunday she didn't even take her class :(
- Got behind on homework and am working to catch up on it.
- Loving the season.

And that is kind of it.

How are the rest of you enjoying this fantastic time of year?