Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I am exceedingly, disgustingly busy with classes and all the stuff I try to do with Erie. I posted last at the beginning if February and those last few posts certainly weren't exciting.

So . . .

Just Me
- School is horrific
- It turns out that I'm really bad at Nemeth Braille
- I love my reading class and tutoring (for some reason that I can't possibly understand most people don't seem to get this- I am taking a class to learn to teach reading, I'm not in a reading class myself)
- Read some fantastic books: All of Shannon Hale's books. I wasn't too enthralled at first but I stuck with her and kept reading and I'm glad I did because I loved the last four I read, her Books of Bayern series. Ally Condie's Matched. And my most favorite, Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I am currently waiting very impatiently for my turn with one of the library's hundreds of copies of Mockingjay.

As Erie's entourage
- Started Rally classes
- Went to a fun match and won "Best of Breed"
- Went to a show in Denver where we won our class 4/5 shows
- Erie is becoming super easy to live with
-And she went into season
- Dealing with that now

Cute little Erie napping.

Dog bed I made Erie. Isn't the fabric great?

Erie not looking to thrilled about being photographed in her "pants."

Erie not seeming to mind being photographed in her pants.

Erie relaxing on the couch. Ummm, she really shouldn't be up there- it's my roommates couch and she doesn't want the dogs on it- but I had to take a picture before I got her off.

Erie will be spending her longest time away from me this month as I'm going to Seattle this week for an AFB Conference. I'm not sure where she's going . . . Ahh! She was staying with her Grandma (her doggie daddy's family) but since she's in heat and will be in standing heat while I'm away and her daddy is intact, that's a problem.

I'm hoping to take Erie to a NAVHDA test towards the end of the month. This particular test she has to pass by 16 months in order to get the title, so this is our only chance. I have a lot of training to do before then . . .

And in between all that I have all my regular assignments to do, two papers to write, a bunch of data to enter and run stats on, etc. etc.

Wish me luck!