Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thoughts (to myself) From This Morning

1. The season of "shave everyday" has finally arrived to the Salt Lake Valley.
2. Why is it so hard to tell the colors of different pairs of nylons apart?
3. Wow. I thought I was going to feel out of place in my new ward since I've been in it for four weeks and it was my first week there since we were organized but it seems everybody is still meeting new people so nobody even knew.
4. Remember how Erie retrieved a live bird this morning (before church)? That was awesome.
5. Why do so many girls think it's okay to either a) wear clothes that leave their bra straps exposed or b) even worse, wear thin white see-through blouses with black or blue or pink or orange (etc.) bras????
6. Gosh this shirt makes my eyes look soooo blue! Love it.
7. Have I ever met a bishop in the church who wasn't an amazing servant of God? . . . Nope. I haven't.
8.Mmmm. Crepes!
9. Why does my shoe keep getting stuck in the parking lot?
10. Erie looks like such a nerd doing a rear-foot point.

Like so (photo not from today, however)

11. Why the *heck* is the burner on fire and where is the big pot lid?
12. I love having church at 11 so I can take an afternoon nap.
13. zzzzzzzzzzz

I have been working on two separate posts for weeks now. I wish I had some good excuse for not doing them, but really I'm just lazy. Soon. Someday soon. . . Maybe.